What to do in Lisbon – 13 unmissable attractions and experiences in the city


By Alyssa Prado

Find out what to do in Lisbon in this post. Tips on classic attractions – those that everyone needs to see on their first visit, even different suggestions from those who live in the city!

Discover what to do in Lisbon in this post! Tips on the best attractions and experiences in the city!

Even though I've been here for months, I have to confess that I'm still enchanted by Lisbon. I apologize if it seems like I love all, or that I think even the perrengues are great, but that's because I didn't imagine I would like it so much so From Portugal. 

For years I've read reports from bloggers talking about how incredible the capital – or even the entire country – is and that it deserves a second or even third visit. I always thought it was talk to sell more hotels or convince readers to go, after all, Lisbon isn't that big compared to big cities, and a lot of what I saw in the photos looked old or even old. boring.

But let me tell you that I was very wrong and that if I had known the truth I would have come sooner! The city is full of life, has a million things to do (especially when compared to a small city), great weather, wonderful food, easy to get around using public transport and it's cheap... 

Really a great destination for those who are doing first international trips or who wants to save. Therefore, if this is your next destination, I am more than keen to help you plan this trip so that you can be enchanted by the Portuguese capital as much as I am.

In this first post I wrote about what to do in Lisbon, with tips on the best tours – those unmissable things that anyone visiting the city for the first time accurate to know. I've gathered the most popular tourist spots, restaurants, experiences and more!

What to do in Lisbon – Best attractions and experiences

1 – Mercado da Ribeira (Time Out Market)

O Ribeira Market It's one of my favorite places, and one of the most popular attractions among tourists. Located in Cais do Sodré, the place has numerous restaurants – including renowned chefs – for a very affordable price. In general, the dishes cost no more than €20. 

The environment is also super nice, but It gets crowded on weekends and during meal times, so if you are going to have lunch or dinner there I recommend a little patience. 

Of the dishes I've tried so far, my favorites were Pad Thai from asian-lab and the hamburger Ground Burger.

The Time Out Market (Mercado da Ribeira) is an unmissable attraction in the city! Find out what else to do in Lisbon in this post!
In the background, one of the Time Out Market restaurants.

2 – Commerce Square

A Commerce Square It is probably the most popular square in the city, and is the stage for various events. It faces the Tagus River, so it's a delight to walk around, and there are countless restaurants around it – perfect for those who want to eat and enjoy the view at the same time!

At the entrance to the square there is also the Arch of Rua Augusta, which, as the name already indicates, marks the beginning of one of the most famous streets in Lisbon. If you want, you can pay to go up and have a privileged view of the river.

3 – Rua Augusta

Taking advantage of the hook, be sure to stroll around the Augusta Street. There you will find several restaurants and shops, but the most impressive (besides the Portuguese architecture) are the street artists. You'll find people posing for photos, giving presentations, singing fado and I've even seen dance performances!

Next to the street is also the Santa Justa Elevator, where you can get a great view of the city (however, you have to pay, and there are several other free viewpoints).

4 – Cod and Cheese Pastry from Serra da Estrela

While walking on Rua Augusta, stop at Portuguese Cod Pastel House to try this Portuguese delight. It's a cupcake with cod and cheese filling, almost like our coxinha but with fish in the filling, lol. 

It's delicious and you can order a glass of wine to accompany it!

In Lisbon, be sure to try the famous Pastel de Bacalhau with cheese! Find out what to do in Lisbon in this post!

5 – Freedom

Do you like walking? Then you will have lots to do in Lisbon! My first suggestion for walking a lot is to walk the Avenida da Liberdade, one of the largest streets in the city. 

On both sides of the sidewalk you will see designer stores, such as Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Gucci and Prada, and the impressive architecture of old buildings and huge hotels will accompany you throughout the walk.

6 – Eduardo VII Park

At the end of Avenida da Liberdade is the Eduardo VII Park, an oasis in the middle of the city. Walk through the gardens, take advantage of the few kiosks there and take lots of photos. 

If you want to have a snack or escape the sun, El Corte Inglés is next to the park, with an entire floor dedicated to a supermarket and food court, including a Häagen-Dazs!

7 – São Jorge Castle

A castle in the middle of the city? We have it too! Built in the mid-11th century, the Castelo de sao jorge It was once a means of defense for elites, home to several kings over the years and also served as a military base until the beginning of the 20th century.

After undergoing numerous renovations, today it is open to the public and shows traces of what life was like in another era, with a special highlight for the map that shows what Lisbon was like before the great earthquake of 1755.

If you're not very interested in history, I can say that it's still worth visiting the place. Entrance is cheap (€5 for under 25s, €10 for older people) and the view of the city is incredible. It makes for great photos and is usually a hit even with children.

Looking for other stunning places in the city? Then check out this post from the Expressinha blog with the best Secrets of Lisbon!

São Jorge Castle is one of those unmissable attractions to visit in the city! Find out what to do in Lisbon in this post!
View of São Jorge Castle.

8 – Wheezing

O Chiado is a central neighborhood of Lisbon, full of shops, restaurants and bars. During the day, the suggestion is to stroll in the areas close to Armazém do Chiado – a shopping mall whose bathroom has an incredible view, lol – where you will find the biggest stores and cafes. 

It's the perfect place for those looking for brands that are cheaper in Europe, like Zara and H&M, and who also want to take the opportunity to discover stores that haven't yet appeared in Brazil (hi, Pull&Bear!).

If it's lunch or dinner time, it's worth giving a try to one of the local restaurants. Timeout has a list of the best suggestions in the neighborhood.

When I think about what to do in Lisbon, I already think of Chiado with the people, restaurants, shops, tourists... it's one of my favorite places!

9 – Mirador das Portas do Sol

Near São Jorge Castle, the Mirador das Portas do Sol is one of the best spots to watch the sunset in the city, along with the Mirador Santa Luzia. Both are in the same region, and you can sit, rest and enjoy the view. 

If you like churches, walk a little further and you will arrive at Lisbon Cathedral, which was rebuilt after the earthquake. 

10 – Belém Tower and Monument to the Discoveries

Putting the two together because by walking for five minutes you get from one to the other.

A Torre de Belém It is one of the most famous attractions in the city, and perhaps the best-known place in the Belém neighborhood. Originally built to defend the city, today it is possible to visit its interior for €6. I recommend arriving early as there is usually a queue before opening time.

A few meters from the tower is the Monument to the São Tomé Discovery, which from afar looks like just a monument in honor of the great Portuguese discoverers. Getting closer, however, you realize that the big attraction is actually on the ground, with a map showing the routes taken by caravels hundreds of years ago. It's incredible and reminds me a lot of history classes!

The Belém Tower is one of the most popular attractions in the Portuguese capital! Find out what to do in Lisbon in this post!

11 – Príncipe Real

Another of my favorite neighborhoods in Lisbon, Prince royal It's perfect for anyone who wants to occupy a morning or afternoon. There you will find the Botanical Garden of the University of Lisbon, the Jardim de Príncipe Real where there is a fair on the weekends, and a huge number of great restaurants and shops along Rua da Escola Politécnica. It's also worth missing out on Brazil a little and visiting Livraria da Travessa.

If you want a good brunch, I recommend the Naked or Seagull Method Cafe, while lunch or dinner can be at Cevicheria, Coyo Taco or even in Crispy Mafya, with your waffle burger!

12 – LX Factory

With an industrial footprint, the LX Factory brings together numerous stores, restaurants, bars and small independent brands, with a super hipster

Just walk along the main street and you will be enchanted by the small productions, cafes and entertainment options. It's worth a visit both at lunch, to enjoy some of the incredible dishes, and in the late afternoon, to watch the sunset on the Rio Maravilha rooftop.
I also recommend the hamburger BurgerFactory (one of the best I've ever eaten) and explore the bookstore Read Slowly, which is an attraction in itself even for those who don't like books.  

13 – Eat the original Pastel de Belém

It wouldn't be a post about what to do in Lisbon without including eating the famous Portuguese Custard Tart, huh? The best place to try them is at “Pastéis de Belém”, a pastry shop in the neighborhood of the same name and which is credited with being the first place to sell the sweet. 

There's usually a queue but it moves quickly. If you want to sit down and eat calmly, the suggestion is to enter the place (without queuing) and go to the back, where there is table service. Take advantage and also order another typical sweet, the Berliners, which remind us of our stuffed dreams and are practically the only food sold on the beach! 

Find out where to find the best custard tarts in this post! Tips on what to do in Lisbon, with attractions, food and more!
The “original” Pastel de Belém.

And there you have it, my 13 favorite things to do in the city! As you can see, there is no shortage of options when it comes to what to do in Lisbon!

Do you think there was something missing from the list? Tell me in the comments! 🙂

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Find out what to do in Lisbon in this post! Tips for 13 of the best attractions and experiences in the city so you can make the most of your trip! #lisbon #portugal #europe #travel

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