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By Alyssa Prado

See the full review of the Osprey Fairview 40 Liter backpack, an exclusively female model!

I spent months researching before purchasing my backpack.

I started by following the tips I shared on post about how to choose a travel backpack. I learned the difference between each of them, and decided that I was looking for something with the following characteristics:

  • Front opening;
  • Several compartments for better organization;
  • Female model to better adjust to the body;
  • Maximum 55 liters.

The last two points were the most important. The female model due to its comfort, as it is developed taking into account women's anatomy, making it fit better on the back and hips.

The size needed to be small as I am only 1,58m tall and a little less than 60kg. Maybe I could even find a 60 or 70 liter one that would be comfortable, but with my habit of carrying too many things in my suitcase, I was afraid of overweighting it if I had so much space.

With several models in mind, I went to a REI Co-op on my last trip to the United States to try some of them. It is not necessary, but I recommend doing this test if you have the chance, especially if it's your first backpacking trip.

After hours of indecision and many questions to the saleswoman who patiently attended to me, I ended up choosing one Osprey with 40 liters of capacity. I have already used the backpack on some of my trips, I can say that I made the right choice.

Osprey Fairview 40 Liter Backpack

Read the full review of the Osprey Fairvew travel backpack

What made me curious about this model during my research was its rating. While most backpacks are considered trekking backpacks, Osprey's Fairview line boasts the title of travel backpack. Some of the features that are responsible for this difference are:

  • The front opening, reminiscent of suitcases;
  • A panel that hides the straps and hip belt, preventing them from being damaged if the backpack is checked in or placed in a luggage compartment;
  • Zippers with the possibility of adding a padlock, again useful in case of shipping.

As I mentioned, I was already looking for a backpack with the first of these characteristics. As my intention was to use the backpack only as a travel bag, and not for hiking, I concluded that the other two points made the Osprey Fairview an even more attractive option.

This line is exclusively for women, which also met another of my requirements. The brand has an equivalent male version, called Fairpoint.


The Fairview is available in three sizes: 40, 55 and 70 liters. My biggest doubt was between the two minors, because as I already explained I am travel size and I didn't want something too big.

The 40 liter version has the following measurements: 54 cm high, 35 cm long and 23 cm in diameter, and weighs 1,4 kg. It's the ideal size for a carry-on suitcase, as on most flights the height limit is 55 cm. For being “small", it also comes with a shoulder strap, which transforms the backpack into a duffel bag.

The 55-liter one is 58 cm high, 33 cm long and 30 cm in diameter, and its weight is 1,7 kg. Its difference is that it comes with a daypack, removable backpack that the user can use on a daily basis during the trip. Although it is larger than what is allowed by most airlines, I have seen reports of people who managed to take it as hand luggage, only having to remove the bag. daypack.

When trying them on in the store, I was impressed by how big the models were. I thought "wow, but 40 liters is not enough“, but the truth is that it is enough space for all my belongings and a little more. I opted for the smaller version, as I found the 55 to be too big and uncomfortable on my body.

Read full review of the Osprey Fairview travel backpack
Photo just to show the size of the 40 liter backpack, hehe.

Body exterior:

The Osprey Fairview line is available in two colors: Misty Gray and Rainforest Green. The first is khaki with turquoise details (I didn't see anything gray), and the second is a shade of “forest green“. I chose the latter because I thought it was prettier, rs.

All models are made of 210D Nylon Mini Hex Diamond Ripstop, a super resistant material, while the lower part and other specific parts are made with 600D Packcloth.

The 40-liter model has three compartments, two of them larger, with zippers with space for a padlock. The third is a pocket “hidden", coated with a material to prevent scratches. It is ideal for placing smaller or valuable items, as it is difficult to even discover that it There are looking from outside.

Read full review of the Osprey Fairview travel backpack
“Hidden” pocket on the front of the backpack, with material that prevents scratches.

The exterior also has two compression straps, and when they are in use, the zippers of the larger compartments are protected, making theft difficult. On the front there are also two sections made with a type of net, perfect for placing a water bottle or a piece of clothing that is still damp.

The shoulder straps and hip belt are padded for greater comfort. The model also has a sternum strap with an emergency whistle and straps to regulate the proximity of the load to the body. As I already mentioned, there is also a compartment to store the straps and belt, ideal for when the backpack is checked. The shoulder strap, which transforms the backpack into a duffel bag, is on the side and is removable.

Read the full review of the Osprey Farview 40-liter backpack in this post!
Padded shoulder straps and hip belt.
Read the full review of the Osprey Farview 40-liter backpack in this post!
Strap and hip belt hidden by outer panel.

At the bottom there is a hook to attach other accessories.


Of all the features I mentioned at the beginning of the post, the only one that the Osprey Fairview doesn't have is a large number of compartments for organization.. Among the three existing ones, the main and largest of them does not have none division in addition to a pocket made with the same ventilation material present on the exterior of the backpack. To ensure things don't fall out of place, there are two compression straps.

The solution I found to overcome this lack of organizers was to use packing cubes when packing your backpack. There's a post here on the blog talking more about these accessories. miraculous, rs.

Read full review of the Osprey Fairview travel backpack
Larger compartment, without divisions for organization.

What made me decide on a Fairview over models from other brands, however, was the middle compartment. It has a padded pocket made for notebooks and tablets, which makes the backpack perfect for those who work online and need to take their computer on some trips. My Macbook is 13 inches and fits without any problems.

The third section, as I already explained, is hidden in the front of the backpack. Its interior is made of a material that prevents scratches, and is ideal for placing documents, money, smaller electronics such as cell phones and cameras or other valuable objects.

Read full review of the Osprey Fairview travel backpack
Notebook pocket. I left it showing just to illustrate the photo, it fits without any problems and still has plenty of space.


Overall, I found the Osprey Fairview 40 liters to be a very complete backpack. Here is a summary of the main features I mentioned in this post:

  • Specific model for women;
  • 40 Liters (Dimensions: 54cm x 35cm x 34cm. Weight: 1.4kg);
  • Ideal size for hand luggage on most airlines;
  • Pocket to store the straps in case you check the backpack;
  • Side handle that transforms the backpack into a duffel bag;
  • Suitcase style front opening;
  • Zippers with space for a padlock;
  • Compression straps on the outside;
  • Three compartments;
  • Padded pocket for notebook and tablets;

The brand also offers lifetime, and undertakes to repair defects that may have been caused by manufacturing errors even years after purchase. Problems caused by misuse are not covered, but they promise a fair price for repairs.

Although it may seem like little space, 40 liters was more than enough for two-week trips. I managed to put all my clothes, shoes, hygiene items and makeup in the main part, and in the middle there were only items like chargers and selfie sticks. If I were staying longer at my destination, I would probably add one more coat (I still had room) and wash the rest of the items as needed.

This post has several tips on how to organize a travel suitcase.

See the full review of the Osprey Fairview backpack in this post!
Backpack packed for the 10-day trip to Chile! With the packing cubes I was able to fit 7 blouses, two pants, three coats, three shoes, underwear, a toiletry bag, makeup and a towel, and I still had space left!


As it is one of the best brands on the market and with design exclusive, made especially for travelers, the price is not but cheap. The 40-liter model from the Fairview line costs US$199 on the brand's official website, while some Brazilian stores sell it for more than R$900.

My recommendation is to try it in a specialized store and, if you have time to wait, buy it online. If you're in the United States, Amazon usually has great prices and is super reliable, I always buy it.

And that's the complete review of my Osprey Fairview. I couldn't be more satisfied, and just writing this post makes me want to grab my backpack and head out into the world.

I took the opportunity to create a short video showing some details of the backpack:

Already have a backpack? Do you intend to buy one? What is the brand and model? Let's exchange stickers in the comments! 🙂

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    • Hi Leticia!
      I've done international and national flights with it and I've never had to check in, but so far I haven't flown low coast, just traditional airlines! 🙂


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