Find out where to stay in Sydney in this post

Where to stay in Sydney – CBD, Manly and Bondi

Find out where to stay in Sydney in this post

The two times I visited Sydney, I didn't think much about where host me.

The first time I went on an exchange to study English, and the school chose my homestay (family home). I ended up living in Dee Why, a beach in the north, and every day I took a bus and took the 10-minute journey to the neighboring neighborhood.

In 2017 I stayed at a friend's house who lived in Manly Beach. By coincidence, it was on the same street as the school I studied at, literally in the building next door. It was a matter of opportunity, and I didn't even look for hotels or better neighborhoods.

Now that I know the city more in-depth, I consider that there are three ideal regions for those visiting Sydney for the first time: Central Business District (CBD), Manly Beach and Bondi Beach.

The first is a central neighborhood, while the other two are famous beaches, with the paradisiacal blue waters that are so characteristic of Australia. All are well located depending on the purpose of your trip.

In this post I show where to stay in Sydney if you want to see the main tourist attractions and enjoy the beach, and also suggest accommodation options for all budgets.

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Is it worth staying on the beaches of Sydney or is it better to stay in the center? Find out in this post!

Is staying on the beaches of Sydney a good option?

Is it worth staying on the beaches of Sydney or is it better to stay in the center? Find out in this post!
Manly Beach

Like almost all travel planning questions, the answer to the title of this post is: depends.

When I think about Australia, the first thing that crosses my mind is praia.

That's why, on my first exchange, I chose a English School which was five minutes from the sand of Manly Beach.

It was a great idea because I loved getting out of class and lying in the summer sun, working on my tan.

I would like to explore tourist attractions like Opera House, Harbor Bridge and George St. which were in the center, but I didn’t mind “wasting” a day or two just at the beach.

On my second visit, I ended up staying next to the building where I had classes. In the same neighborhood, but this time in the middle of autumn.

It wasn't the best choice.

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Want to take a guided tour of the sites in Sydney? So read this post and find out everything about the Free Walking Tour in Sydney!

Free Walking Tour in Sydney – Getting to know the city with local guides!

Find out everything about the Free Walking Tour in Sydney, a city tour guided by locals!

Until a few months ago I didn't care much about walking tours. In fact, I don't think I've ever looked for one in any city I've visited before this year. I saw many of my colleagues making posts about the subject, but I always thought 'ah...meh'.

Until, on this last trip, I went to a cafe in a slightly more remote part of Sydney (for me), and accidentally bumped into Hyde Park. The park is so big that it has its own historic cathedral, and, from what I could see, its colorful landscape serves as a backdrop for visitors who want to sunbathe on the grass and enjoy the day.

And I wouldn't have even known this place existed if I hadn't walked a little further.

And that's when I decided to look for some walking tour in the city and give this type of tour a try. And my only regret was not have done this before.

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Discover in this post where to buy makeup in Australia, with 6 stores to suit all budgets!

Where to buy makeup in Australia – 6 suggestions for every budget

Discover in this post where to buy makeup in Australia, with 6 stores to suit all budgets!

If you're wondering where to buy makeup in Australia, with the intention of making several purchases, let me warn you: the beauty products there are expensive.

“But more expensive than in Brazil?” Yes and no.

If you intend to use pharmacy products, you will be disappointed. Prices are similar to those practiced in Brazil, and you won't save much by buying Maybelline, L'oreal, etc. Local brands such as australis e nude, have values ​​that surpass those of Vult e Koloss, staying in the range of who said, berenice?.

The brands high-end are a different story. Also, it's not very difficult due to the inflation they suffer when they arrive here (#cry). Brands sold at Sephora, such as Kat von D, NARS, Urban Decay, etc., They are more expensive than in the USA, but much cheaper than in Brazil. And the difference to American values ​​isn't even that big.

Anyway, as a good blogger (HA), I visited a lot of pharmacies, had fun looking at new products, bought some that I thought were reasonably priced, left MECCA with my hands all painted up and walked past the counter of brands that I didn't have the money for. buy in department stores. So, this list of where to buy makeup in Australia has recommendations for all budgets!

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