Flying in the wind up wind tunnel - indoor skydiving simulator in São Paulo

Wind up wind tunnel – My experience in an indoor skydiving simulator

Flying in the wind up wind tunnel - indoor skydiving simulator in São Paulo
Photo: Casa Parallax

I confess that when I discovered that my friends wanted to include the Wind up wind tunnel – indoor skydiving simulator – during the trip to São Paulo, I was apprehensive.

Yes, I know I've already done it Bungy jumping in New Zealand. But, since that day, even though I loved it, I developed a real fear of free falls. Big Tower in Beto Carrero? Step. Roller coasters with a 90º incline? No, thanks.

This time, however, I decided to ignore my fear and embrace the experience. It's not every day that I have the opportunity to do something so different, and, according to the official website, it would be safer than cycling. I found this statement so incredible that I even stopped worrying (much).

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Puzzle Room Brasil – Experience in the CSI room in São Paulo

Facade of the Puzzle Room Brasil Praça da Árvore Unit - Click on the link and discover everything about the escape rooms in São Paulo!

If you live in a big city – or, like me, have a significant number of friends from these regions on Facebook – you may have noticed the appearance of countless group photos with a sign saying “We escape".

This phenomenon occurs due to the arrival of Escape Rooms ( exhaust rooms) in Brazil. In them, you and your friends are trapped in a room for around an hour, needing to solve a mystery to open the door.

I thought the idea was very different. But, like all news and shows, this fashion has not yet arrived in Florianópolis, and I had never had the chance to play. Until the opportunity arose to meet the Puzzle Room Brazil on a trip to São Paulo, and I didn't think twice!

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