Where to stay in Los Angeles

Where to stay in Los Angeles – Hollywood, Santa Monica and more

Where to stay in Los Angeles

The first time I visited Los Angeles, I practically didn't know nothing about the city.

I thought it was like the island of Manhattan, in New York, where you can get anywhere by subway or even on foot.

I booked the hotel where my friends and I stayed, and my only criteria was “It is close to the Walk of Fame“. I thought this would be some kind of central point, like Times Square.

Big mistake. different from Big Apple, LA has expanded sideways for many years, not upwards. It is difficult to see skyscrapers outside of Downtown, and the subway network, however large it is, is far from reaching the entire region.

Anyway, It is possible to visit all tourist attractions regardless of the location of your accommodation. Depending on your travel style, however, staying in Santa Monica may be better than Hollywood, Downtown is better than Venice, and so on. Each neighborhood has its attraction and countless cool programs.

Choosing the right one will save you travel time.. Although public transport goes everywhere, it is not the most optimized, and getting from one stop to another by bus can take two hours or even more.

In this post I will show where to stay in Los Angeles according to the purpose of your trip, and give some accommodation suggestions for all budgets.

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