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Hi, my name is Alyssa! I travel around and share tips on amazing places to help other travelers. Click on the link and come read the blog!

I created this blog when my friends got tired of hearing my stories about some trip. By putting everything on the internet, I hope to help travelers by giving tips on tours, accommodation, food, transport, shopping and sharing a little of my own experiences.

Check out some of what you find here:
– Tour tips: Are you going to the city that never sleeps? So check this list with 13 Free tours to take in New York. Disney? Did you know you can take breakfast with the characters? It's a magical experience that you don't even have to be a child to enjoy (I'll tell you that!). Very common? So come read the story of when I did it bungy jumping in New Zealand!
- Travel Diaries: Want to know what it's like to pass 2 days in San Diego? Or 3 days in Las Vegas? Or maybe you're after a romantic trip to the Caribbean? The Travel Diaries detail my itineraries in various destinations.
- Exchange: Living in your destination is even better than visiting for a few weeks! Are you going to work or study abroad? Then you need to read this post that talks about 5 exchange situations that will happen to you (and how to face them). There is also a series of posts written by my friends about what it's like to live in various cities around the world.
- Product review: From accessories to imported makeup reviews, here I talk about everything you can buy on (or for) a trip! Are you going to the USA? So check out this guide with 7 cheap makeup brands to buy there.

If you also like shorter recommendations, take the opportunity to follow the blog on Instagram @alyssapradoblog and follow the hashtag #TravelTipDaAly! There I give incredible travel tips every week!
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And who writes all this?

Hey! My name is Alyssa and I write (most of the time) from Florianópolis, Santa Catarina.

Working at Disney? Study English in Australia? Bungy Jumping in New Zealand? You can find all this on Alyssa Prado, travel blog! Click on the link and read about all these adventures!

I did my first exchange at the beginning of 2013, when I went to study English in Australia. From then on, I added a work experience at Walt Disney World to my resume and toured the United Kingdom, France, New Zealand, the Dominican Republic, the United States and Canada. Furthermore, I'm always adding new places to my board of future destinations on Pinterest (follow me, I'm addicted hahaha).

By following my travels you will embark on my endless search for Tim Tams, the best chocolate biscuit in the world, and discover what is sold in all the pharmacies near (and far) from where I am staying. In addition to learning all the cool tips, of course.

In my free time I do Netflix marathons, and sing songs from Disney animations. But I swear I'm cool.

4 comments in “About”

  1. From what I read, you are a wonderful person, beautiful, fantastic and everything else, I wish you all the best, beautiful kisses
    New discussion, do I love it?

  2. I “met” you now by searching for shopping tips on Google.
    I'm just like you, I like to know the “corners” of places, and know the best place to buy each thing.
    I lived in Germany for almost 4 years and knew the right “place” to do and buy everything! That's why I really identified with your comments and tips!!
    I became a follower 🙂
    My husband is going to the United States, and since I don't know anything there, I'm taking notes! I loved the brushes and brands!!
    kisses and good texts and sharing tips!!

    • I'm very happy that you liked it, Silvana! Take advantage and think about the list to ask your husband to bring, lol!


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