7 Cheap Makeup Brands to Buy in the USA [UPDATED 2024]


By Alyssa Prado

With the rise of the dollar in recent times, the United States, once a shopping paradise, is no longer so cheap. Luckily, it is still possible to find a huge number of cheap makeup brands to buy in the country, both in pharmacies and department stores like Target and Walmart.

In this post, I brought together seven of my favorite brands, with suggestions for the best products from each one. None of them test on animals, so if you usually opt for brands cruelty-free You can rest assured that this list is released.

Don't think that just because they are cheap makeup brands that the products are not of quality. Many of the suggestions are similar and even better than more expensive items for the same purpose! There is even a post showing the best makeup dupes to buy in the United States.

To make it easier, I linked all the products directly to the Amazon website. If you don't have time in your itinerary to shop, you can buy online and have it delivered directly to your hotel. The store accepts Brazilian credit cards and has almost all the products mentioned here available. If your hosting charges to receive orders, I recommend using the Amazon Locker service, which I already showed how it works in this post.

7 Cheap Makeup Brands to Buy in the United States

1. elf (Eyes Lips Face)

Honestly, I consider elf a unicorn among cheap makeup. This because Most of their products cost between US$2 and US$15, and the quality is so good that it is even better than some premium brands.

It's even difficult to name just a few products, because if you open TikTok, you'll get the impression that anything elf launches is viral – and for good reason, after all, who doesn't like great quality at a low price? I love!

If you need to choose just one product to learn about the brand, I suggest the Halo Glow Liquid Filter, known for being a dupe of Charlotte Tilbury's Hollywood Flawless Filter. It's not quite a foundation as the coverage is very light, but it leaves the skin even and with a radiance. rich-and-hydrated-person. After years and years of testing elf products, I can say that this is, without a doubt, my favorite. The Halo Glow line also has illuminator, boundary, blush e face powder.

The Putty line is also very successful on the internet, and you can test the Poreless Putty Primer, which promises to leave you looking like you don't have pores, and the Luminous Putty Bronzer, a super pigmented bronzer.

If you want to test a lip oil but don't want to invest almost US$50 in one from Dior, you can buy the Glow Revive Lip Oil, which many influencers say is even better than the its luxury brand cousin.

elf also has a complete line of skin care products, elf SkinAnd sunscreen that is also a primer is highly praised. The line of brushes with black handles is also sensational., I've had mine for years and they're still perfect today!

Discover 7 cheap makeup brands to buy in the United States in this post! This is elf, one of the cheapest with great quality products!

2. wet n wild beauty

Wet n Wild products are so popular that it is difficult to find them in stores.

Recently, the brand launched the foundation PhotoFocus Foundation, an absolute sensation on YouTube due to its quality and unbeatable price. As good as the other items in the Photo Focus line, such as the liquid Paper, face powder e face primer. With the exception of primer, I have the entire line and I confirm that the quality is excellent.

Other products that are also part of my collection are unitary shadows, many of which are MAC color dupes. The eyelash mascara Max Fanatic Cat Eyes It's also well-spoken in the internet beauty community, and it's one of the best I've used to date.

The brush collections also draw attention, which, in addition to being of good quality, are also beautiful. worth a photo on Instagram. Those of white handle with pink bristles are cheaper, and cable ones rose gold They’re a hot new product from the brand (I couldn’t even find them on Amazon!). It is possible to buy both set with everyone or individually.

Two products that got people talking in 2017 were the rainbow highlighter and the MegaGlo Powder in Precious Petals, two social media phenomena. I have the second one and I can say that it leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to branded highlighters. high-end.

I found the prices on Amazon to be quite inflated for some of the most popular products, but as I explained, they sell out quickly in stores. If you have the opportunity, I suggest looking at pharmacies to pay cheaper, but sometimes the convenience of buying online and securing the desired items is worth the extra dollars.

Read more about wet n wild and other cheap makeup brands to buy in the United States in this post!

3. Milani

Initially, Milani came on my radar due to the Baked Blush in Luminoso, dupe of the famous NARS Orgasm. With golden sparkles and no ingredients of animal origin (at least this color), it is easy to understand the success of the product.

When I wrote this post in 2016, the brand didn't have many exciting launches and I was unsure what else to recommend.. In recent years, however, there have been so many popular releases that it is difficult to select just a few.

To begin with, a base with a different proposal: the Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation Concealer, which promises to be a foundation and concealer at the same time. As you can imagine, the finish is heavy and will appeal most to those people who like to hide any discoloration, stains or signs.

As popular as the Make It Last Setting Sprayspray which should be used to finish makeup, making it last longer. In addition to leaving my make in place all night, I also like that it takes away a bit of the powdery appearance that remains on the skin!

Another success of the brand were the highlighters, both the Hypnotic Lights Powder, in different colors with prismatic/holographic reflections; like the Strobelight Instant Glow Powder, which looks like a very rich brand product.

The best products from Milani! See more tips from this and other cheap makeup brands to buy in the United States in this post!

4. gasoline

Essence is a German brand most easily found in physical stores like Target and Ulta. The first time I came into contact with the products, I didn't know which ones were the most popular and I picked up some of the cheaper ones to test. My favorite was the Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder, a giant, cheap bronzer that lasts all day on your skin.

After researching, I discovered that essence's biggest sensation is its mascara, with more than 10 different types. The line lash princess It’s the most famous – I bought the one with the black and green packaging and I say it’s the best mascara I’ve ever used in my life!!

Powders are also recommended by y foreigners of beauty, both All About Matt, which guarantees an opaque effect on the skin, as Pure Nude highlighter. Who is interested in a unicorn highlighter you can purchase a stick version called Prismatic Hololighter Stick.

The best products from essence Make Up! See more tips on cheap makeup brands to buy in the United States in this post!

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5. LA Girl

There was a time, before Tarte's Shape Tape and NARS Radiant Cream, when all y foreign beauty used concealer HD Pro Conceal by LA Girl. Costing around US$3 and with more than 20 different shades, including colored ones for correction, it was difficult to remove this product from my favorites list.. Today the "fashion” has passed, but it continues to be phenomenal and a great purchase for those who want to hide dark circles without investing a lot!

The brand expanded the skin line in the following years, and now there is the foundation Pro Coverage Liquid Foundation, with more than 16 colors, including white. Also available are face powder Pro Setting Powder, the first Pro Prep (I have it and love it!) and the newest launch, the matte foundation called Pro Matte, which promises to be another success.

For those who want the Urban Decay Naked 3 eyeshadow palette but don't want to invest, you can buy the cheap version from LA Girl: Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection in Nudes. For less than US$10, bricks (bricks in the literal translation, little brick of shadows rs) are also available in Smoky and Ultra versions.

A few years ago it was difficult to find the brand in physical stores, but now it is possible to find the products for sale in some CVS pharmacies.

The best LA Girl products! See more tips on cheap makeup brands to buy in the United States in this post!

6. Burt's Bees

With the aim of taking care of your skin without using aggressive chemicals, Burt's Bees is ideal for those who like more natural ingredients. 

On the radar in the beauty community since 2016, when Selena Gomez used the BB Cream of the brand at the Grammys and at the Oscars after-party, there are still few makeup products launched by the company.

One that is currently successful among gurus international is the blush with vitamin E, especially in the colors Bare Peach and Toasted Cinnamon. A matte powder foundation also has numerous reviews positive messages spread across the internet.

For those who like to bet on the classics, I read the other day that um Lip balm Burt's Bees is sold every SECOND in the United States! My favorite version is Pink Grapefruit, but there is also vanilla, mango, cherry and even açaí.

The best products from Bert's Bees! See more tips on cheap makeup brands to buy in the United States in this post!

7. Flower Beauty

Another natural makeup brand, Flower Beauty was created by actress Drew Barrymore a few years ago. Initially with few products, she began to attract attention after Allure magazine chose the highlighter Glisten Up! Chubby Highlighter as one of the best products of 2016.

From then on, a succession of releases made Flower popular. Since Skincognito Stick Foundation, the founder's favorite base, until the loose face powder also chosen as highlight of the year by Allure.

Currently among the best sellers are Flower Pots Blushes: Seal the Deal Hydrating Setting Spray and the Beauty Blender-inspired sponge called Ultimate 3 in 1 Blending Sponge. Who likes to sheet mask you can also have fun with the line PowerUp!.

Flower Beauty products are a little more expensive than brands like elf and wet n wild due, I imagine, to the natural ingredients. 

The best Flower Beauty products! See other suggestions for cheap makeup brands to buy in the United States in this post!

Ufa! I think it's a good idea to recommend cheap makeup brands, right? If you're still starting out and don't know what to do with these suggestions, I suggest taking a look at the post putting together a makeup kit in the United States without spending much.

And do you like any other products from these brands that weren’t mentioned or do you know other good cheap makeup brands? Share with me in the comments! 🙂

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